Special Purpose Line

  • Degreasing Lines: These lines clean the strip surface of oil and dirt by chemical action, using alkali solutions.  MMC Equipment offer chemical spray de-greasing lines in which alkali solution is sprayed at a high pressure on the strip and then brushed at special brushing stations. For applications requiring very high degree of surface cleaning. Our Equipment also offers electrolytic de-greasing lines in which the strip passes through electrodes which are immersed in tanks of electrolytic.
  • Rewind, inspection Lines: These lines permit customers to thoroughly inspect coils for surface defects and imperfections. The coil is rewound tightly with straight edge walls. For high speed inspection, strobe lights and pinhole detectors can also be provided.
  • Electroplating Lines: These lines have an entry section followed by a chemical cleaning and surface preparation section, electroplating section, passivation section and exit section. Vertical or horizontal accumulators can be provided depending on the line layout. The lines incorporate steering units for proper strip guidance. Staggered winding at the recoiler can also be provided.
  • Coil Build-up Lines: These lines are used to increase coil weight by welding two coils together. This allows faster processing of the material on subsequent lines. Pre-lap or flash butt welders can be provided.
  • Coil Preparation Stations: The stations are used to prepare the coils off-line and make them ready for processing on the main process line. Reduction of online handling time on the main line results in significant increase in productivity. Preparation operations such as un-banding, shearing of the unacceptable lead end for easy threading in the main line are carried out.