Slitting Line

MMC is committed to helping you achieve your production goals by supplying the most productive, high yield, flexible, reliable, and safe SLITTING LINE available.

No matter how confined your space or demanding your application, we can make Slitter production solutions work for you. From complete coil processing systems to individual components for retrofits, we stand ready with innovative, engineered technology.

We offer Slitting Lines with Double Loop, Single Loop and Pull Through configuration depending on customer requirement.

We can offer :

  • Heavy Gauge Slitting Line
  • Wide Slitting Line
  • Narrow Slitting Line
  • High Precision Slitting Line for Surface critical Strips
  • Edge Trimming & Rewinding Lines
  • Indexing Slitter Head System
  • Interchangeable Head System
  • Slitting line equipment


  • Strand braking unit
  • Traversing and tilting braking and transfer stand with integrated felt press and generator-braked, Tension roll pair and cross-cut shear. With traversing pneumatic clamp pad for strand transfer and pusher device, segment rolls and cross-cut shear.
  • Coil opener and transfer system
  • For overwinding and underwinding devices to open the coil automatically and transfer the strip head to the pinch roll unit
  • Turret / Injecta tyeSlitter head change device
  • Traversing standby Slitting head suitable for offline tool setting, docked at the slitting shear for automatic tool change
  • 4-arm coil turnstile & Transfer car with Lap Holder :
    Coil car with snubber devices for clamping of coil for manual or automatic strapping of the individual, slit coil rings at the circumference and turnstile for
    • Precision Slitters suitable for 36-40 Slits on very thin gauge coil upto 1500 mm.
    • Slitting lines for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metals, pre-painted metals, CRGO/CRNO Silicon Steel.
    • Slitting line for strip width ranging from 200mm to 2500m , Wide, Narrow & Mini width coils.
    • Slitting lines with coil weights up to 40 tons.
    • Slitting lines with Injecta Type / Turnstile type or Turret type Tool Changing device.
    • Slitting lines with stationary cross cut shears
    • Slitting lines with Pull through, Single Loop and Double Loop for versatile application .
    • Slitting lines with Film Applicator, Paper unloader, Paper applicator and Logo Printing

MMC also undertakes replacement, refurbishing and redesigning the old Slitting Line machines to suit the updated application accommodated at the existing site conditions. We have over several such installations and they have been running un-hindered over many years.