Galvanising Line

MMC GALVANISING Lines can deposit a wide range of materials on the steel strip. The materials can be Pickled Hot Rolled Steel, Cold Rolled Steel of CQ, DQ quality & full hard. The Line design is optimized to the specific customer needs and market requirements by selecting the technologies leading to the best value, efficiency and operating costs. These lines produce galvanized steel for various applications : construction, household appliances white goods and automotive exposed and non-exposed panels, offering to end-customer high level of reliability of operation and design for future extensions according to product and market evolution. With production capacities ranging from 50.000 to 800.000 t/y, our plants are able to process strips within a wide thickness range (from 0,14 mm to 7 mm) and width up to 2080 mm at line speed up to 200 m/min.


MMC also undertakes replacement, refurbishing and redesigning the old equipment of Galvanizing plants to suit the updated application accommodated at the existing site conditions.

Looking to source Galvanising machinery from an Indian Engineering Consulting company and save up to 50% of your investment.