Color Coating Line

MMC thrive to achieve industry prominence as a coil Coating line specialist by combining our vast knowledge, experience and resources to offer the finest integrated and cost-effective processing solutions. Our coil coating systems include roll coaters with immaculate consistency in DFT control, robust coil handling equipment, accumulators, effective strip degreasing cleaning and quench systems, strip joiner and heat energy recovering installations.


MMC coil processing lines include the finest equipment you’ll find in the industry and we incorporate state-of- the-art electronic controls. Our talented team of electrical and system engineers infuse their expertise in process lines , providing the most sophisticated control systems that integrate individual equipment and components into a unified, efficiently functioning system.

We have experienced commissioning team consisting of paint technologist, coater operation expert and thermal system integrators to guide and establish operation parameters and train your people for smooth running of plant.

Our Roll Coaters are tailored to specific customer’s demanding needs that meet the complete spectrum of coating applications for various types of paints, coating thickness, strip widths and thickness as well as line speeds. Our precision slide coaters shall be designed for manual or automatic coating thickness control system that increase accuracy and productivity, while improving coating weight consistency.

We offer 9 Coater Head Layout with printing feature suitable for continuous non stop line operation. Change in Primer paints, Finish Coat paints and Printing pattern shall be achieved without Line stoppage and use of dummy coil.